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Look Good Outside, Feel Good Inside!

Thank you for visiting Your Skin Lady. I am a licensed esthetician and created this site for several reasons. In the beginnning I used this site for my business, Alexxa's Skin Care only. Recently, I decided that although I want my customers to be able to come to my website and get information, make appointments and so on; I wanted to have a site that would be useful for anyone, anywhere.

On this site you will find information about skin care along with my newest feature, forums. This is a place for people to discuss skin care and any other issues or topics that would be appropriate. I envision adding more to this site over time including blogs and more skin care information along with features and additions as requested by members. Please feel free to contact me anytime with feedback and/or questions

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 There is music on every page of this website. If you wish you can mute your computer volume or turn it down. I would suggest turning the volume down as the music is nice to listen to :) [There are volume and pause buttons in the bottom of each page]